survey says…

3 for Nietzsche; 2 for Vonnegut; Hammet, Piercy, and Swift cry themselves to sleep. I will get right on that. If you missed it in the comments, check out the Nietzsche Family Circus:

New poll to follow before I head out for Christmas family time. I’m thinking it will include nothing philosophical or in translation.



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2 responses to “survey says…

  1. Albert Min

    You should totally read Marguerite Young’s “Miss MacIntosh, My Darling”. I’d lend you mine, but it’s a little over 1,400 pages and I keep starting, stopping a little way in, getting sidetracked with something else, picking it up again and thinking “This is awesome! Why did I stop reading this?” Although, part of the reason I kept forgetting about it is because I have a really beat up, falling apart paperback version that I didn’t want to carry around for fear of tearing it up and losing pages. But I finally taped up the cover so it’s carry-aroundable so maybe I will finish it this time and lend it to you… if I can ever get through all those pages. Maybe I’ll tackle the Bible next. The end.

  2. A book for which the only in-print edition is “Volume One”. I am suspicious. Lend away.

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