Kant attack ad

via therumpus.net:

The ominous strings are making it for me.


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One response to “Kant attack ad

  1. MioSpammy

    I dont like people who use my first name as a last name. The only thing I know about philosophy is that once in college I was eating in the faculty cafeteria and my philosophy professor came and ate lunch with me (This is only logical. Even philosophy doctorates can sense how wise I am). It is very likely that he was high. I kid. He had in fact arrived at the end of all philosophical thought and lived in a perpetual zen state of do-not-give-a-fuck-ness. This manifested in his ive-transcended-caring-about-this–fucking-course-ness and of course his im-going-to-be-high-all-the-time-ity.

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