book for the new year

Adrian wrote The Children’s Hospital, which tops the chart of my reading experiences for 2008. This is set in the Civil War, and includes a machine that reanimates the dead.

Bellow’s book is “an exuberant tale of success and failure,” a “classic story of the writer’s life in America.” The cover also has a guy with a bottle and someone doing a headstand on it. Would probably put Sufjan Stevens’ “Saul Bellow” in my head near-constantly.

Hartley writes about his experiences in Iraq, and teaches–not in this book, but in the three-dimensional world–room-clearing techniques to the people who rehearse in my living room.

The three pages of LeGuin I looked at do not cohere, but science fiction-y proper nouns are in evidence on 1.5 of them, and I’d anticipate a trip. (Recommended by a character in “The Jane Austen Book Club”!)

Namjoshi’s protagonist, who also seems to be called Suniti, talks to a cow and goes to a lesbian bar. Short book.



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2 responses to “book for the new year

  1. Mio

    The reanimated dead? A childrens hospital? Sounds like I found a bedtime story for my nephew!

    You are shrewd Katelyn. You intentionally left out: “George Orr is afraid to go to sleep, because when he wakes, whatever he dreamt the night before has become reality.”

    My ranking: gob, lathe, cow, soldier, gift

  2. Way to vote for my not-so-secret choice. The premise sounds gimmicky, but then I really enjoyed a book about Upton Sinclair being repeatedly assassinated and brought back to life last year. (U.S.! by Chris Bachelder.)

    I had to go through potters and painters before I figured out that George Orr’s a character from Lathe of Heaven, so thanks for that.

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