apocalypses and other worlds

It’s appalling that I have only two books with post-apocalyptic content for this poll, and had to go with futuristic or fantastical settings for the rest. There need to be more, and I must read them all. Or at least be apprised of their existence to judge their worthiness.

Interworld is the tale of a (“very special,” per the book jacket) boy who fights to save multiple dimensions. Young adult. I love Gaiman, but I think he’s gone blind to mediocrity by getting too much love lately. Someone be mean to him, please.

A father and son wander through the post-apocalyptic (!) wasteland in The Road. Looks clipped and poetic, with lots of monosyllabic dialogue. I’m statistically most likely to run into other people who have read this.

Un Lun Dun is also a YA thing, about a girl in a sort of opposite-day London. It looks adorable, and there are little drawings. Unfortunately, it’s a largish hardcover.

We Who Are About To… is feminist sci-fi from the 70s. Or I’m assuming it is from the other Russ book I’ve read, which I don’t remember, but remember liking.

Jamestown is a futuristic, post-apocalyptic (!) retelling of the settlement of Jamestown, or the myth of thereof. Originally published by Soft Skull Press. Likely awesome.



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2 responses to “apocalypses and other worlds

  1. al

    I’d personally go for Jamestown, but I’m voting for The Road because Kelly lent it to me, and then I lent it to Kieran, who read it and said I should read it so now I’m committed so now you should read it too. The end.

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