Katelyn to books: just sit there and look pretty.

badbeginningShit like this is why I own so many books. M. S. Corley has redesigned the Lemony Snicket and Harry Potter series as old Penguin Classics (via Readerville, and thanks to them for making me lust after things that don’t exist). If these were books instead of designs, the combined appeal of binging on something serial and carrying around a book that looked this awesome would force me to purchase them. And then I’d find out what happens to the Baudelaire children and maybe remember what happens to Harry Potter this time around. (I’ve read the books, which I’m not allowed to own because they’re too bulky and I just don’t care enough; I’ve seen the movies; and of the plot I’m telling you this: Harry Potter and Voldemort are nemeses. Someone dies at the end of the last one, right? Or doesn’t die? Which is important? I swear I read it.) But look how pretty! All starkly iconic and weird. And they have the numbers on them, which for some horrible reason publishers sometimes seem to disapprove of, even after the series is finished and a new edition is published. And if they were $2.95 apiece or whatever they would’ve been at the time, that would be nice, too.

Tangentially related: Stephin Merritt is writing the music for a stage adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. When I found out I was sitting in a cubicle looking at tax forms and I got a fucking adrenaline rush. I don’t know if my body was anticipating stabbing people ahead of me in line for rush tickets or what. Merritt’s songs are already a step away from musical theater, with lyrics twice as good as most of it. I have to avoid thinking about this so that I don’t have a heart attack before I get the opportunity to see it. (How is this at all related? Merritt, as The Gothic Archies, also made an album to accompany the Lemony Snicket books. Click through to the Scream & Run Away video on MySpace; it is adorable.)


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