passing Cow

Just started Conversations of Cow. Suniti and Bhadravati go for pizza on pg. 23:

The pizzas arrive, and so does the manager.

‘Everything all right, sir?’

‘Yes, thank you, but I am not a “Sir”, I am a lesbian, and my friend is a cow.’


I draw myself up to my full height. (He’s still a foot taller.) ‘That cow is a citizen of planet earth. If you throw us out, I shall complain about you to the Human Rights Commision.’

But he’s thrusting his chest right into my face. Cow gets up. I slink past. He stands in the doorway yelling at us. I feel beaten.

Inside the van I discover that B has appropriated the pizzas. We eat them silently and return to the farm. We tell the cows what happened to us.

‘Oh,’ says Cowslip. ‘You said who you were. You must learn how to pass. Let me explain.’


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