recommendations from the internet

This post lists Alias Grace among three reasons for loving Atwood, while thanking her for canceling her participation in a literary festival in Dubai that refused to feature a novel with a gay shiekh in it–which she now is participating in, remotely, along with a panel on censorship. I’ve read The Handmaid’s Tale and I’ve never heard of Morning in the Burned House, so Alias Grace it is. Started it once. Liked it. Period piece.

The Master and Margarita, which I always want to put a second “the” in, is the favorite book of this person reading another book on a train platform in San Francisco, and was recommended by my former officemate. There’s a giant cat in it.

David Foster Wallace did an interview in 1993 referring to The Blindfold as “the best book [he’d] read recently.” I’ve read a Hustvedt book, What I Loved, before. A man’s adolescent son dies in it. I read it in two days and cried and cried.

I was reading a passingly positive comment about The Unconsoled in an interview somewhere on the internet, but I must’ve been following some URL wormhole because now I can’t find it. Stand informed, someone somewhere liked it. I have this one and one other before I’ve exhausted all the Ishiguro novels that currently exist. If you are going to read one, try Never Let Me Go or Remains of the Day.

Don Draper read Meditations in an Emergency in a bar and then sent it off to a mysterious person on Mad Men–which is on TV and not the internet, but oh well. I usually like him (O’Hara, but Draper too), although I’m not overly familiar.


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