Blog gets dressed up

Check out the new header, courtesy of Al.

In return for which he got Finnegans Wake (all this time I thought that was possessive), The Waves, and A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again. I asked him to justify himself by email: “Because I’ve read Ulysses, because I’ve read Mrs. Dalloway and because I’ve never ready and DFW.” (I’d [sic], but isn’t [sic]ing obnoxious, non-academically and also always?) I’d like to petition all the syllabus-makers out there to replace Mrs. Dalloway with To The Lighthouse as the Virginia Woolf thing you should probably read if you’re going to read her. Mrs. Dalloway feels a little pat to me, not in all its aspects, and thoroughly unobjectionable as far as being good, but that’s hardly appreciable when you’re looking for a paper topic and there they all are, waiting for you. I could practically feel the collected sentiments of students past speaking to me. Same with The Great Gatsby. In both cases, if they were less good they might be more interesting, at least to be taught. Anyway, Al, let us know what you think if you are so moved. I’ve never done David Foster Wallace non-fiction, and I’m curious.

As for headers, if anyone’s moved to make more in the future, the book-for-header exchange is ongoing. Two books from this list per header (770 x 200 pixels or cropable/scalable), which I’ll change every few months or whenever you send me a picture.



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2 responses to “Blog gets dressed up

  1. aL

    Great, thanks for including all of my typos.

    I’m all for teaching non-Gatsby/Dalloway type books. Not that I’ll get to it any time soon if ever, but do you have To the Lighthouse?

    • You’re welcome. For authenticity, you know.

      I do have To The Lighthouse. I have a lot of Woolf. The Waves is supposed to be her most experimental, and I got berated for conflating that with interesting- or worthwhileness when I asked my prof why we weren’t reading it in our Woolf class. I also really like Orlando–maybe my favorite–but it’s not very like her. Borrow away.

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