something for nothing, judge some books by their covers

A therapist once told me, or someone told me a therapist told them, that the reason therapy had to cost so much is so the patient would appreciate its value. Which is a very Ayn Rand, absolute idea of value, assuming we live in a capitalist utopia or can get there by pretending we do, but… These are all books I got for free. Will I still like them? Will I like them as much?

This time you can vote for multiple books–whatever you would take off the street. (If the answer is “none,” the question becomes, “What would you take if someone was threatening your loved ones?”) Covers below the poll for your consideration.

ark sakurai am deathgirls on the runbeat the reaperyou must be this happycatch 22nine stories


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4 responses to “something for nothing, judge some books by their covers

  1. I swear I read something by Gary Amdahl in a lit journal that I really liked, but I can’t remember what or where. I hope I liked it. If not, I still believe it important to support the novella as an underappreciated form. Also, I do find his to be the most compelling of the five covers.

    • Yeah, I think I’ve never read a contemporary novella, so that would be cool. This is the first poll where the non-novel things outnumber the novels.

      Are you only seeing five covers?

  2. Seven. I did not watch enough Sesame Street as a child, apparently.

  3. G to the y

    Definitely the skull face one.

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