Penultimate Power

My commitment to Tristram Shandy has lapsed this past week. In the meantime, if you want to put a book in the next poll, give it to me in the comments. I’ve been accused of being a blog-title liar (it’s really tell me which of some books you may or may not be interested in to read), but the next one will be more democratic. First on the list is Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music, from Gio.



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11 responses to “Penultimate Power

  1. Gio

    Oh, I might have to change my recommendation to “The Pleasures of Counting”. The essays in “Audio Culture” (while wonderful) are like concentrated shots of wheatgrass juice… no, no, better yet, skittles. No one wants to cram more than one essay a night into their brain. TPoC is like having a delightful British man put you to sleep with math. Not by clubbing you over the head with a book of formulas and knocking you out, but by sedating you in the way only a story from your Grandpa can. If you get a mildewy copy the experience is complete. Not that your Grandpa is mildewy, Kate. When you get to the math parts, look over your shoulder. It’s safe, you can just flip the page and smile deviously.

  2. Sam

    I have considered recommending a book but am unsure how this will work. Will everyone not vote for their own recommendation?

  3. Andrea

    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer (if you have not already read it).

    • I have not. I read Everything is Illuminated (which I have a block on the title of and keep on thinking of as “the other one”) and had mixed feelings, but overall appreciation. Excellent.

  4. Sam

    the invention of everything else by samantha hunt. or the seas. it’s really up to you, katelyn: would you rather be in 40’s-ish new york with nikola tesla and time travel and pigeons, or an unidentifiable time in a sleepy fantastical ocean town in maine?

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