There can be only one.



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5 responses to “There can be only one.

  1. winston

    this is the first time you’ve included a book I’ve ever heard of

  2. Sam

    since finding out yesterday that you haven’t read any salinger, i propose franny & zooey. there are not enough books here. can we keep suggesting more in the comments? also i suggest kelly link’s magic for beginners.

    • Oh, I’ve read Salinger. Franny & Zooey and Catcher in the Rye. Just not as a teenager, and I don’t remember them well. I would like to read more Kelly Link. But that’s against the rules, the poll’s already speaking.

  3. Sam

    salinger is not just for teenagers! although thinking about all the times i’ve re-read salinger, he might be for people in moments of existential crisis, which is arguably the same thing. although i doubt if i will not have moments of existential duress throughout my entire life.

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