The world is trying to tell me something.

The Signs: Dhalgren – I read an awesome Junot Díaz interview the other day that I think might be relevant.

The White Album – It’s come to my attention that California is a curious state. Also, I spent about ten hours consuming everything Wikipedia had to say about Charles Manson and his group and their murders, and Roger Waters’s essay about Leslie van Houten, so I’d be prepared. Play It As It Lays was really good.

Into Thin Air – Newspapers and the internet and stories and magazines have a lot to say to me about polar exploration, cold places, and self-abnegating sports lately.

Write-in option in the spirit of openness to fate.



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5 responses to “The world is trying to tell me something.

  1. winston

    I voted twice. I will probably vote again. I really mean it.

  2. aksm

    Into Thin Air’s the only one I’ve read so that’s where my vote went. Quick, riveting read, as I remember it. I have that and Helter Skelter, if you want more on Manson (and which I’m planning on eventually reading).

  3. Team Into Thin Air is powerful!

    A: I’m true-crimed out, but you should read and we should discuss.

  4. kirsty

    what can I say? I’m a joiner. also, I drove through a white-tiled tunnel in downtown LA yesterday that felt like it should end in ice, maybe in Alaska. granted, that was my sign from the universe, not yours, but it did come from California.

  5. Sam

    i recently bought the white album at a flea market with very little intention to read it. sometimes i glance at it on my shelf and wonder what it’s doing there. this is my sign from the universe for you.

    i didn’t vote for that, though, or into thin air. i’ll vote again, since that’s what people are doing here. i’ll be team anti-into thin air all by myself.

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