I don’t think of myself as a big DISCARDER, a la the new header (once again courtesy of Al; thanks Al!), but in the face of my impending move across the country, some culling’s become necessary. So, how many pennies are in this jar?

eight years worth of pennies!

Guess the best and you can have your choice of three-five of the books from this list (i.e., I can get rid of three-five of the books from that list without feeling like such a discarder), and the jug, if you so desire. I’ll send stuff anywhere in the U.S., and outside of it if you want to pay shipping.

The contest is closed. There were 2,846 pennies and one dime. Thanks to all the guessers.



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15 responses to “Contest

  1. Al Min

    You’re welcome. And $26.

  2. Sam

    You are really going to count all the pennies in that jar?

  3. Sam

    Also, Maps and Legends is at my house, so it does nothing for your culling process to give it as a prize. Oh, and also I am keeping it. Sorry, contest winner!

  4. is this contest following price is right rules? either way: i am gonna go with good ole $18. but also i think you should just give me “The Master and Margarita” as a token of your love. <3 sharon

    • No price is right rules, if that means you can’t overshoot–closest wins. In the unlikely event that the pennies are exactly in between two guesses, I’ll make something up. If I promised you Master and Margarita now, winning wouldn’t be as sweet…

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  6. katie

    Sam told me to do this on facebook.

    I am going to guess that there are 1149 pennies in the jar (totaling $11.49.)

    Please note that I am the only one who answered the question. ;)

  7. Felipe Martinez


  8. Jess

    i guess $17.00, or 1700 pennies.

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