February in LA

Shane Jones wrote Light Boxes, one of the aforementioned weird sci fi/fantasy books you’re telling me to read some of. I haven’t started, but apparently people go to war with February. Jones tells Catherine Lacey: Every once in a while I have a vision of spending all of February in a place like Los Angeles. That would be a different experience from New York.

I’ve always looked forward to my once-a-year excuse: “I’m not moody; it’s fucking February.”* Is that all over for me? It’s still dark a lot.

Although I do actually have good-to-middling feelings about the upcoming month…


*I also consider the entire summer potentially misery-inducing.



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6 responses to “February in LA

  1. winston

    visit the bay in the summer. It’s cold here.

  2. winston

    our summer doesn’t start until August.

  3. You can read it in a couple hours, one sitting. Reading it in February is rad. Probably more magical realist than sci fi/fantasy, it’s got a kinda fabulist, storybook bent.

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