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Twitter-length observation

David Foster Wallace in the book-length interview:

I mean, there’s so much stuff going on just in that little ten or fifteen seconds [in Schindler’s List–although this is in the middle of a long segment of: “Remember this part of that movie? That was awesome.”]. Inside of a movie whose central project ended up being, you know, dishonorable and cheating. But that’s the neat thing about–I mean that’s probably ultimately why novels and movies have it over short stories, as an art form. Is that if the heart of the short story is dishonest, there aren’t enough of the little flashes to keep you going. Whereas in a novel or a movie, even if the central project doesn’t work, there are often ten or fifteen great, great, great things.

I can’t seem to turn off looking for the flashes of dishonesty in otherwise great, great, great books.


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